12 September 2009

7 Things!

The lovely Inside the Cabinet of Wonder tagged me.... So, I'm supposed to list 7 things about myself:

1. I'm an Art History major at the Tyler School of Art at Temple University in Philadelphia.
2. My favorite show is the now-canceled Pushing Daisies.
3. Today my mom sent me a card with Vanilla Chai tea and Hello Kitty stickers inside and it made me happy.
4. I love broccoli cheese soup. And I think I'm going to go to Einstein Bagels later and get some. It'd make me soooo happy.
5. The thing I miss most while at college is my dog.
6. My boyfriend's name is Wyatt. We've been best friends for a year now and we've dated twice before, but we're perfect for each other, so I'm hoping the third time's the charm.
7. My favorite musical artist is Sufjan Stevens.

In other news, college is going better. For those who commented on my last post, I do have a roommate. It's just that she is my best friend from back home and therefore it makes it kind of hard to meet new people because we are always together. Classes have started, and I really love all of them, with the exception of math. Once the weather stops being bipolar and I can start dressing with some normalcy, expect outfit posts!

Love always,


  1. i love brocolli cheese soup! yum!

    crazy artsy bffs are the best :)

    glad things are going better now. its tough the first weeks, but you'll make it!

  2. Broccoli Cheese Soup...I thought I was the only one who adored it. Have you had it from Chili's before? Yum! Heaven on earth! :)

  3. I have to follow you because we have to same name :D It's weird to see you end posts with "A." like I often end things with, lol. It wouldn't be as strange if your name was Annabel or something, if that makes sense haha.

    I think the best way to make friends in college is to go to every club's first meeting because not everyone there stays, and there's tons of introductions and mingling. Even if you won't ever join the club, you'll still meet lots of people :)

  4. the story about you and your boyfriend is so cute.
    good to hear about your roommate, as long as you feel better now, thats good!!! :D